2006_07_toybldg.jpgSpeaking of landlord-tenant disputes, the one at 200 Fifth Avenue and 1107 Broadway - two buildings that make up the "The Toy Building" - is pretty intense. The NY Post reports that developer Joseph Chetrit has been playing hardball in trying to get tenants to vacate as he readies the space to be converted to, what else, condominiums. Chetrit, who bought the buildings last year, has allegedly turned off the A/C, forced tenants to provide their own power, not replaced lightbulbs and toilet papers in bathrooms, and shut off many elevators. The tenants are suing him for harrassment, and one affidavit stated, "It seems intentional, as it is beyond comprehension how urinals could suddenly break or the handles in the elevators can suddenly break." Yes, urinals that suddenly break would be mysterious. While Chetrit's lawyer says that the suit has no merit and that a judge is allowing demolition to proceed, the Post had a telling quote from Justice Barbara Kapnick during a hearing regarding the buildings: "In the old times, they used to send people to beat the crap out of people [to get them out]. We have gotten a little past that but not as much as I would like."