Years ago, developer BFC Partners made a sweetheart deal with tenants of the building that housed Mars Bar, promising them $10, tax free, two bedroom apartments in their brand new development. And now, the tenants are preparing to move in.

The Wall Street Journal reports that "nine long-term tenants of two small buildings on 2nd Avenue struck deals to buy cooperative units in a new 12-story building, known as Jupiter 21." Yes, it's a nod to Mars Bar—"Jupiter follows Mars," Donald Capoccia of BFC noted. "Rents on the building's market-rate apartments, including some with twin terraces, will range from $3,000 to $10,000 a month... Some higher-floor apartments have views from the Manhattan Bridge to the Empire State Building."

One woman who lived in the previous building for decades told the paper, "I am grateful they didn't give us lowlifes apartments in the back. I feel hugely entitled to this luxury apartment, but I feel completely unworthy of it at the same time."