Yesterday, Deutsche Bank and the Parks Department unveiled a 9/11 memorial fountain on Wall Street. Four Deutsche employees died on September 11, 2001, and the CEO of Deutsche Bank Americas Seth Waugh said, “Wall Street is Deutsche Bank’s home in the Americas, and this fountain will be a beautiful focal-point for the neighborhood as well as a reminder of the family, friends, neighbors and colleagues we lost on 9/11."

Deutsche Bank security guard Francisco Bourdier was killed by the falling towers and his wife and daughter, who moved to Texas, participated in the unveiling. Erma Bourdier told NY1, "It means a lot. We are very grateful to Deutsche Bank and the city of New York. [It’s] another reason to come back. This is actually our first time to come back since we left, so we were really anxious last night – couldn't sleep. But I’m happy. I’m happy.”

Here's a description of the fountain, which is located between Front and South Streets, from BusinessWire:

The structural glass fountain features a nautical-inspired light, which captures sun or moon light that reflects with the luster of a gem. The fountain expands its form into continuous radial rings staring from the apex to a raised glass veneer planter to multiple surrounding landscaped planting beds. Public seating is provided continuously along a central promenade in the form of structural glass cubes that illuminate with polished granite slabs.

The fountain, part of a $1.2 million renovation of Manahatta Park, is also similar to the one that stood outside the old Deutsche Bank building at 130 Liberty Street (Deutsche's NYC offices are now at 60 Wall Street).

From left to right: Julie Menin, Community Board 1 Chairperson; Gary Hattem, President of the Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation; Adrian Benepe, NY Parks & Recreation Commissioner; Seth Waugh, Deutsche Bank Americas CEO; Francesca Bourdier and her mother, Erma Bourdier, whose husband Frank Bourdier died on 9/11. Photograph by BusinessWire