The Post has zeroed in on someone to blame for the Popsicle Melting Incident of '05, and they found someone with a huge target on his head: Advertising agency owner and "talk show" host Donny Deutsch. While Deutsch's agency helped create the promotion with Snapple, so the Post can't really blame just Donny, but they blast the headline "Guru Donny Behind P.R. Meltdown" and say that, "in a violation of one of the first principles of p.r., Deutsch attempted to cover up the slip-up yesterday with a bizarre news release cheerfully claiming the event was nothing but 'a great time.'" Yes, a great time for the FDNY and NYPD (who had to clean up and direct people respectively), the bikers who fell and slipped, and the people whose shoes were ruined! And a great time for us to marvel at how stupid some ideas are. What's the over-under on Snapple staying with Deutsch?

Fun advertising sites: AdRants, AdBusters, and Adfreak, which posted the Donny-in-a-Speedo picture.