Oh, coffee, oh, lifeblood of our city: Washington State coffee company, Political Grounds, best known from their humorous coffees, like "Say Howdy Saudi," "Roast the French," and "Infidels R Us," have added an NYPD styled coffee to their roster: "New York's Finest." The bag reads:

Ethiopian Harrar Mexican blend from our finest premium coffee region. You won't find Batman and Robin fighting crime here. But you will find Gotham's real heroes, protecting the worlds greatest city against the rodents of crime.

Newsday says

that Political Grounds owner, Michael Wilson "suggested a Batman and Robin theme in which the two veteran detectives are seen preparing to strip away their clothing in order to battle crime like the dynamic duo." Um, it seems more Ace and Gary than Batman and Robin, but maybe Gothamist is splitting hairs. And are the criminal rodents coming from or fleeing to Brooklyn? What kind of a dis is this? The actual NYPD detectives, Bob Mattera, of Queens Homicide, and Marc Alvarez of Manhattan South Narcotics, actually chose the Ethiopian Harrar blend themselves, and $1 from each $8 bag goes to the Detectives Endowment Association fund for children and widows.

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