2004_11_nyc2012.jpgThe details of Monday's final submission by New York City to the International Olympic Committee were released yesterday with some interesting details. Deputy Mayor, and NYC2012 founder, Daniel Doctoroff said the Olympics will bring $7.6 billion in capital projects, cost $2.8 billion to run, but not cause any tax increases. Of course, the plan depends on a new West Side Stadium for the Jets that would set the city and state back a cool $600 million. 81% of tickets are projected to sell, generating $852 million, with most tickets under $50 but opening and closing ceremony tickets running $450 to $1500. 12,000, or about 1/3, of the NYPD would be devoted to Olympic security, but the cost would be covered by revenue from the games.

Two major changes to the plan are the transportation system for the athletes and the Olympic Village. Athletes and officials will not be transported by ferry, train, and subway, but busses that will travel in special Olympic only lanes. The proposed high-rise buildings for the Olympic Village were scrapped for low and mid-rise buildings.

Some cheesy but kind of cool items in the plan:

- The Olympic Rings will be projected into the night sky (think Batman).
- Each borough will be one of the five colors of the Olympic rings. Might we recommend red for Staten Island (they did, for the most part, vote for Bush) and green for Manhattan (something about money)?
- Murals would adorn skyscrapers, subways and busses.
- Countdown clocks would be installed in Times Square to, er, countdown to the games.

Other cities that are in the final round are Paris (considered the frontrunner), London, Madrid, and Moscow. The winner of the 2012 games will be revealed on July 6, 2005. Currently, London oddsmakers have NYC at 14-1 to win the games with Paris at 1-2.

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