Photograph of Fung Wah bus-dump truck crash by Marla Diamond/WCBS 880

Yesterday morning, a dump truck speeding off the Manhattan Bridge onto Canal Street lost control and hit a Fung Wah bus waiting to pick up passengers. The bus then jumped the curb and crashed into a building. One woman died and four others were injured, and here are some new details:

  • The woman who was killed was 57-year-old Lai Ho, a bank manager who lived in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn and was headed her to job. The NY Times says she apparently died from a heart attack "after she was struck by a sign that was knocked down as she tried to cross the street." The Daily News says the sign fell when the bus hit it.
  • Another driver who had been near the truck told the Sun, "I was going 80 and he passed me. I think he might have been asleep."
  • The truck driver, Alejandro Fallo, who passed a Breathalyzer, said his brakes failed. However, the truck, operated by a NJ company, was over its weight limit and the company was actually banned from interstate travel because of other violations, so it should never have been here in NYC.
  • The Fung Wah bus was illegally parked on Bowery.

In recent days, over twenty pedestrians were injured when out-of-control vehicles hit them.