In a follow-up to yesterday's news of a woman who was killed by an oncoming train after falling into the tracks, the woman's partner says Joan Olaziola was on a number of medications which may have contributed to her fall. Daisy Custodio told reporters that Olaizola was on methadone, Klonopin (for epilepsy), and Paxil (for depression), admitting that some of them were not prescribed to her. Some suspect the combination of drugs and a hot subway platform made Olaizola faint. The director of Beth-Israel's methadone program said that the combination of methadone, Klonopin and Paxil was common and wouldn't be expected to cause balance problems, but adds that it depends on amounts of taken. A NYC Transit spokesperson said, "This is exactly the reason why we tell people to stay away [from the end of the platform]. If you feel ill, don't come into the subway." True, but with subway stations so hot and humid, sometimes people come sick from standing there. Try to stand far from the edge of the platform.

Updated: Whereas Newsday's story implies that Custodio was Olaizola's partner for the past 17 years, the Post reports that Olaizola actually had a boyfriend and Olaizola was most recently her boyfriend, though once was her lover for 8 years (the Post does not mince words and calls Custodio a "lesbian"). Boyfriend John Sabatini blames himself for Olaizola's death, because they had just had a fight; Custodiol also faults him for not keeping an eye on Olaizola, who also had a younger daughter.