2006_11_bxmurder.jpgWABC 7 reports that the woman found murdered and left in a plastic bag at a Bronx park earlier this week was 24 year old Stacey Inman. And she was three months pregnant.

Inman was last seen on Tuesday night, and her body was found on Wednesday morning. Her friends and family are shocked, saying that she was happy lately and excited about her pregnancy. They also told WABC she wouldn't get involved in a dangerous situation or wander around by herself. Inman's ex-boyfriend said, "Whoever it was knew her. I know whoever it was had to know her. She wouldn't put herself in any type of situation to be involved like that."

And the city's murder rate will likely be higher in 2006 than 2005, due to deaths caused by incidents years ago being classified as homicides. One example is this year's death of a 72 year old man from pneumonia; he was shot and paralyzed in 1974, and the medical examiner says the gunshot wound increased hi susceptibility to pneumonia after the shooting, thus his death is a homicide.