2005_04_housewife.jpgThe NY Times took the Excel spreadsheet of donors to NYC Democratic mayoral hopefuls and decided to call up the donors listed as "homemakers" and ask them about their contribution. The ensuing article, "Homemakers Are the Fat Cats. Who Knew? Their Husbands.," made Gothamist laugh, cry, and then grind our teeth in anger. An example:

Another Ferrer contributor, Anna Cuneo of West Harrison, N.Y., whose husband is one of two executives at a Manhattan construction company who contributed to Mr. Ferrer, seemed unprepared for questions about her check.

"I'm going to have to get back to you," she said. "And this was a contribution to whom?"

Sure, using a spouse to double a political contribution is a common practice, we get that. But there's something about not knowing how much your spouse has donated in your name and for whom, as well as the breadwinner not informing the spouse what the donation was for, that makes us crazy. Possibly because Gothamist would be all up in our spouse's business, especially if it involved political donations, we're also mad because the article also seemed to reinforce the stereotypes that wives are generally clueless about their husbands business practices, which isn't always the case. We much rather make donations in our pet's name but at least that's plausible deniability.