Oh, Carlos, things are just not going well, are they? What, with your PR people shit-talking former staffers, your sexting partner telling Howard Stern all about your phone sex, and your precipitous slide in the polls, your mayoral dreams look more and more like delusions. And today a wounded Weiner, eager to deflect attention away from his own foibles, slammed the Bloomberg administration for pandering to the all-powerful Hipster demographic.

In a campaign event in the Rockaways today, Weiner criticized the Parks Department for allegedly focusing on repairing hipster-oriented boardwalk attractions at the expense of preparing the Rockaways for another storm surge.

“The city came in and for reasons that maybe you understand, but I don't, was obsessed with concessions, was obsessed with their own idea for a hipster-looking concessions on the beach, rather than really giving some real thought to the community about how to restore the boardwalk and how to restore the community,” he told residents.

Maybe, Carlos, the city knew that the Rockaways desperately needed to restore some much-needed foot traffic to the devastated community? Maybe because revenue from concessions gets pumped right back into the community and even employs a good number of Rockaway residents?

But to be fair, who among us has not taken cheap shots at hipsters to spice up a news cycle?