Cops are seeking a desnuda who they say fled Times Square on Saturday after punching a 70-year-old man she thought was filming or photographing her without permission. The desnuda was reportedly on a break when she noticed the alleged sneaky filming.

Daniel Rodriguez, 70, told the Daily News this week that he was taking pictures around 5:40 p.m. on Saturday when he got into an argument with a desnuda in front of the Times Square Marriott Hotel on Broadway near 45th Street. "I was with my girlfriend. I was taking videos of sightseers and the colorful costumed characters. She thought I was taking video of her," he told the tabloid. (Rodriguez then refused to show his videos to the News.)

Police said that a second desnuda, 18-year-old Tarrah Merill, allegedly came to her friend's aid and punched the man as well, and has since been arrested and charged with assault. She allegedly punched Rodriguez in the face, leaving him with redness around his right eye and a laceration on his right cheek. He refused medical treatment on the scene.

The first desnuda fled south on Seventh Avenue and has not been arrested as of Tuesday.

In July, an argument between tourists and two women who manage tips for desnudas got physical, leaving both tourists with cuts on their faces. It wasn't immediately clear which party escalated the fight, though a witness said that one of the tourists called one of the women a prostitute after she asked for a larger tip.

Desnuda Saira Nicole, 30, told us at the time that she knew the women involved, though she didn't work with them often.

"If someone is harassing me I put my robe on and have a seat or look for a police officer," she added. "I'm not saying the man was innocent but there's just a better way of dealing with his type. Even if we [desnudas] don't necessarily all work together, we are effected by each other['s actions], especially when incidents like this occur."