A Times Square desnuda once again riled the tabloidverse this week by bringing her two-year-old daughter to work—both were topless and bore painted chests.

The desnuda in question, who the Post identified as "painted lady Maria Diaz," brought the child to Times Square around 4 p.m. yesterday. Both were clad in black tutus and were topless with black hearts painted on their chests, as is the desnuda way.

Apparently, Diaz tried to get tourists to pose with her and her daughter, but some passersby were put off at the sight of a child with no shirt on. “That’s disgusting,” one tourist told the Daily News. “A mother should have better judgment than to do that to the kid ... who knows what someone could have done.”

Desnudas have been under attack recently, with both the media and elected officials like Mayor de Blasio and Governor Cuomo focusing attention on how "wrong" it is for women to (legally) pose topless in body paint in exchange for tips.

The city has assembled a task force that aims to curb both the desnudas and the costumed characters that patrol the pedestrian plazas. But while the costumed characters have been frequently involved in aggressive and allegedly violent incidents, the situation with the desnudas seems far less insidious—indeed, one desnuda was allegedly assaulted in Times Square this weekend, and another, who was recently arrested for allegedly soliciting an undercover cop, says she was set up by the police.

Diaz was not arrested for bringing her child to her posing spot, though a cop eventually asked Diaz to cover her daughter up, which she did with a T-shirt. And though two tourists were reportedly taken aback by the sight of toddler flesh, others took it in stride. "I used to roam around naked when I was a kid," one tourist told the News. At least no children got punched this time.