One of the topless painted women in Times Square was allegedly punched by a woman walking in Times Square yesterday afternoon. The assailant was described as a "crazed woman" by the Post, and a witness said that she yelled, "You’re a nasty whore! You disgust me!" to desnuda Amanda Roman.

Both the Post and 1010 WINS report that Roman had been talking to a tourist about taking a photograph with the tourist's husband. The tourist, Donna Myer, said to the Post, "I asked how much is it? She said, ‘Whatever you can give.' I didn’t have no money. I said, ‘Let me go to the bank.’" Myer said that the alleged puncher, Angela Portalatin, then screamed at Roman and "came over and started beating the hell out of her!”

Another witness, Mitchell Norman, said Portalatin "punched her in the face for no reason. She knocked her out of nowhere." Then Roman allegedly fought back.

Both women were taken into custody, but, according to 1010 WINS, "In the end, neither wanted to press charges, so police said they will likely receive summonses for disorderly conduct." Here's video that Myer took of the police removing the women—many people in the crowd wonder why Roman is being taken away.

The Post added, "The attacker would only identify herself as 'Russia,' saying she doesn’t have a last name - but police sources later identified her as Angela L. Portalatin, 27."

Roman's fellow desnuda Saira Nicole told the Daily News, "People say random slurs to us on a regular basis, but this person took it too far and got in her face and attacked her.. She shouldn’t have to defend herself in a thong and headdress and heels... She’s there to look pretty and take pictures. She’s not there to be attacked."

Earlier this month, two desnudas were assaulted by a Bank of America executive who claimed one tried to steal his wallet, though police found no evidence of that.