According to a new survey, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter is the most marketable baseball player in the country. The survey, done by Sports Business Daily, was distributed to corporate brand managers, marketing and branding executives, agencies and baseball media. Jeter, 36, nets $6 million a year from endorsements, and was far and away the highest vote-getter. Also appearing on the top ten list were Mets star David Wright and fellow Yankee A-Rod.

Jeter has had a hell of a year: he won his fifth World Series ring with the Yankees, made his 11th All-Star appearance this year, announced he was getting married to TV star Minka Kelly, and was named SI Sportsman of the Year.

IMG Global Consulting Managing Director, Senior VP & Head (of long fancy shmancy titles?) David Abrutyn believes Jeter's marketability has not even BEGUN to peak: "He has put himself in a position not only to be marketed in his playing days, but certainly has set himself up for success long after he’s hit the last ball." It's just too bad Jeter was unwilling to use any of his oodles of marketability to try to woo LeBron. Together they could have ruled this city like Caesar and Pompey!