Train derailments, they aren't just for the NJ Transit and the LIRR! If your commute seemed a little messed up this morning you can blame the two 6 train subway cars that decided to jump the tracks just before 4 a.m.. Nobody was injured, but 19 people were evacuated.

As a result of the derailment (the cause of which is still being investigated), there are a bunch of changes to the Lex services this morning. As of 8:30 a.m. that means: Uptown 6 service is running express from Bowling Green to Grand Central. Downtown 6 service is running to Bowling Green. Downtown 4 and 5 trains are running local from 125th Street to Brooklyn Bridge (with downtown 5 service running local from 180th to 149th with no service from Nereid Avenue to East 180th). All of which is to say, expect extensive delays on the 4, 5 and 6 today!

If possible, the MTA says that "riders are advised to use lettered trains as an alternate."

What is it about 4 a.m. and derailed 6 trains? Another 6 derailed around 4 a.m., also messing up morning commutes, back in August.