As if parents weren't upset enough over their children being wait-listed for kindergarten classes (at public schools TBD by the Dept. of Education), the DOE is rocking the boat further by considering to relocate prekindergarten programs from two popular West Villlage schools in order to increase the number of kindergarten classes. The NY Times reports, the DOE's well-intentioned "effort seemed to backfire, inflaming parents rather than placating them." Though the DOE says it's only thinking about the move, one parent says P.S. 3 told her that her son couldn't attend pre-K there because the program was cancelled, "They kicked the stool out from underneath me, and now I’m just hanging here. I put this all on Bloomberg." Another parent pointed out, "It still puts way too many kids in the same space and creates overcrowding in the older grades." City Council Speaker Christine Quinn hopes to meet with DOE officials to discuss the issue, "I have a real issue with solving the kindergarten problem at the expense of prekindergartners."