A dangerous mix of prescription drugs may have been behind Jayson Williams's violent, suicidal outburst earlier this week. The Daily News reports that the former Nets star had "bottles for Celexa, an anti-depressant, and lithium, used for manic-depression—along with the sleeping pill Ambien, human growth hormone and two other drugs." The Celexa combined with lithium could have caused serotonin syndrome, a toxic condition that could be fatal at its most severe. A police source told the paper, "When police arrived he couldn't even talk. He was crazy and out of it. Maybe the interaction of the drugs helps explain that...He was struggling—hell, who wouldn't with what is going on in his life," referring to his Williams's potential retrial for manslaughter and bitter public divorce. A lawyer for his ex-wife called the incident "exactly the type of behavior" which caused her to leave him. To which his lawyer responded, "Opportunistic comments in a time of crisis don't move me."