Okay, so today doesn't look like the most beautiful day for a swim, but if you wanted to, the city says you wouldn't be risking your health. Yesterday, after water tests came up okay, the city reopened Sea Gate beach in Brooklyn and Cedar Grove Beach, Midland Beach and South Beach on Staten Island. "The most recent water quality sampling indicates that bacteria levels found at these locations and in New York Harbor has returned to acceptable levels," the DEP says. Oh, and they've also given the all-clear for recreational water activities in the city's rivers. Anybody up for some kayaking?

Because really, as the Times reports today, the people who run all those water sports out of the river could really use your business. The last week, normally high season, has not been a good one. “If you’re going out for a sunset sail and do something all elegant and sexy,” explained Sarah Greer, the general manager of charter boat company Classic Harbor Line. "You don’t want to hear ‘Watch out for the poop.’”

The beaches and waterways were closed to the public in the wake of a four-alarm fire last week at the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant in Harlem. That fire sent millions of gallons of raw sewage into the river during the middle of last week's heat wave.

Anyway, nothing wrong with swimming in our city's rivers—it worked for Kramer!