It's not just the Democrats who supported health care reform who are running into trouble. Democrats who opposed the bill infuriated party officials and union supporters—and now liberal groups are trying to push them out of office. That's the case in Staten Island, where Rep. Mike McMahon has drawn the ire of influential Democrats and labor unions for voting against health care reform, even though the vote might have pleased his constituents.

Since McMahon cast his ballot against the bill (he claims it didn't do enough to contain costs, protect local hospitals from future cuts, or guarantee low-cost insurance) he's gotten the cold shoulder from former friends, the Times reports. Council Speaker Christine Quinn (D-Chelsea) has bailed on her promise to host a fundraiser for McMahon's re-election campaign over his vote. "She's upset about it," a source close with Quinn told the paper. "It is a very big issue for her."

Labor unions and other left wing groups are now trying to knock McMahon out of office. "Bad votes have consequences," said Dan Cantor, executive director of the Working Families Party. The powerful hospital workers union 1199 S.E.I.U. is planning on running Democratic candidates against him this year, and the liberal group is also looking for possible primary candidates to challenge the former City Councilman. Some Democrats and health care reform supporters like Rep. Steve Israel (D-Long Island) are urging the liberal groups to ease up. "I may not like how they voted," he added. "But I definitely will not like a Republican majority in the House."