2005_09_debatedem.jpgIt was the Democratic mayoral hopefuls' second-to-last-debate-gasp to get in some good punches, but it was actually kind of boring because the answers were 25 seconds. Former Bronx Borough President and frontrunner Fernando Ferrer, Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields, City Council Speaker Gifford Miller and Congressman Anthony Weiner mainly tried to attack the Mayor whose popularity with Democrats is confounding their campaigns. And with Hurricane Katrina very much the top story of the news, they all said the Mayor's plans in the event of a disaster woudl be "muddled". The NY Times noted that the candidates "in many cases they either overstated their own accomplishments, exaggerated problems facing the city or did not have sufficient backup for their claims about the state of the city." Read the transcripts here and here's Gotham Gazette's handy primer on the Mayoral race.

The only candidate to distinguish himself was Weiner, who attacked Ferrer and was the only candidate to say which of his rivals he would support (Fields, for the record). The NY Post had some Weiner love today, with a story about how Weiner is "on a roll"; yeah, we're sure Weiner hasn't heard that one before. In these waning days before the primary, Miller will not be spending as much on TV advertising because of finance issues, Ferrer won't have a 1199 union endorsement to crow about and Fields will hold a fundraiser on the day before the primary (maybe her staff gets paid only after the 13th?).