Though it doesn't start until Sunday, the Staten Island St. Patrick's Day parade (or, as we like to call it, Staten Paten) has already had its first fight. Well, already come this close to its first fight thanks to a dispute over the Tea Party, it seems.

Apparently the borough's Young Democrats were upset and filed a complaint after the Tea Party marched in the parade last year (and handed out Constitution booklets). The Young Dems, you see, were under the understanding that political groups were prohibited from marching in the parade. But they were wrong. In fact political groups can march in the parade, as can marching bands, civic groups and others. "As long as they follow the rules, they can march," parade acting director James Haynes III, president of the Richmond County Ancient Order of Hibernians, told the Staten Island Advance.

So in the end there was no crisis. Both the Tea Party and the Young Dems will be marching in Sunday's parade—which starts at 12:30 p.m. on Forest Avenue at Hart Boulevard. They just won't be giving out any pamphlets since that is against the rules (it clogs up the parade route). Meanwhile, gay organizations are still not allowed to march in the city's main St. Patrick's Day parade on March 17.