2005_04_voting.jpgDemocratic leaders are worried about that. The NY Times quotes Reverend Al Sharpton's political director as saying, "People are saying, why should we get rid of Bloomberg? The Democrats are not giving any solid reasons why Bloomberg should not be in office. I don't think any of the candidates have come forward with lucid arguments as to why Bloomberg has been ineffective and why he should be fired from his job as mayor." Gothamist has to agree: The candidates aren't really proposing anything constructive or feasible (Jets Stadium in Queens? The Jets aren't putting their $800 million in Queens.) that has legs yet. We hope that messages and tactics will take further shape in the next month before the debates start. The primaries are on September 13; the run-off, if needed, will be held on September 27. If you're not a NYC voter and want to be, register here. And here's the New York City Voter Assistance Commission site; you can find your representative here.

In Bloomberg news, the Mayor is in Washington DC to go begging money to fund, oh, security, housing, and lower Manhattan reconstruction. Newsday also adds that former Mayor David Dinkins likes Bloomberg and would endorse him if he was a Democrat, but since he's not, Dinkins won't. Hilariously, former Mayor Koch told her a reporter who quetioned if Koch was a Bloomberg-supporter, Koch said, "Do you live here?... I'm his advance man."