Democrats in Iowa; Photo: AP

As the area's favorite Knick turned Senator, Bill Bradley, endorses Howard Dean, Gothamist decided to read about the Democratic debate in Iowa yesterday. The Times' David Halbfinger noted the absence of Al Sharpton, "For sheer comedic appeal, the Democratic presidential debate on Sunday was short a Sharpton..." Ah, Lorne Michaels was so on the ball in asking the Reverend to host SNL. Unintentional funniness seems to have come from one John Kerry supporter held a sign saying, "J.K. all the way," which at first seems like "Just Kidding all the way to the caucus," and the name of The Des Moines Register editor who moderated the debate: Paul Anger, who told Dean and Joseph Lieberman "to take it outside, if you need to.'" Ah, there's nothing like missing a boring debate where the Democrats don't come any closer to figuring out who can challenge Dean.

A transcript of the debate. And New York magazine says there's a new breed of Young Republicans in New York.