The NY Times paired their article, "Many Democrats Prefer Bloomberg, Poll Finds," with group photo op with all four Democratic candidates. The photograph by Librado Romero catches them in the middle of a press conference after touring distressed buildings, and they look out of sorts. Sure, they are each doing something - Anthony Weiner (holding an adorable moppet - rule #1 of politics - find a child to pose with if you don't have any!) and C. Virginia Fields is are both looking to the side, while Gifford Miller is looking down and Fernando Ferrer furrows his brow as he speaks - but together, it's a tableau that speaks a thousand words. Ferrer is in the center, as the frontrunner, but there's crowding with the others, and it's hard to get a read on whether any one of them can make it happen.

The article goes on to show that while Ferrer leads Fields, Miller and Weiner, he still may not have the 40% of the vote he'll need to avoid a run off, especially since voter turnout for the primary seems low. The two areas where Bloomberg may be vulnerable will be housing (for lower and middle class residents) and education, which is why the Democrats have been speaking to those points, but the constant problem still is that none of them have much of an impression on voters. If you are a registered Democrat, you have a good shot of shaping this year's election if you vote on September 13. Here are the candidates' websites: Fernando Ferrer, C. Virginia Fields, Gifford Miller and Anthony Weiner. The NY Times and Newsday have extensive sites for local politics: The Times' Metro Campaigns and Newsday's Race for City Hall. And Emily Farris lets us know she's Mayoroke, which will have Miller and candidates like Norman Siegel, Scott Stringer, Carlos Manzano, Bill Perkins, Eric Cesnik, etc., singing in order to give their stump speeches. Gothamist predicts the night will devolve into drinking games and betting city property!

Photograph from the NY Times