If it's the last Monday in July of 2004, it must mean Boston is the town the country is watching, with the 2004 Democratic National Convention (official site) taking place. Presumptive Democratic nominee, John Kerry, threw out the first pitch at the Red Sox-Yankees game last night, which bounced before caught, saying, "It's the opening of the convention, it's a wonderful rivalry, and it's a great event [Gothamist thinks he's referring to the Yankees and Red Sox, not the two political parties]. The idea of missing a Yankees-Red Sox series right before a convention week was not acceptable." New Yorkers will be watching to see how security issues are worked out in Boston, as we brace for the Republican Convention; the Daily News reports about New York Task Force One, an "elite search and rescue group," being stationed outside of Boston. Tonight, former President Bill Clinton, Senator Hillary Clinton of NY, and Representative Robert Menendez of NJ are among tonight's speakers. (And there will be more coverage of the Red Sox- Yankees game from Gothamist Sports later.)

The NY Times had special Democratic Convention section, in addition to their Campaign 2004 site. And here's the Washington Post's extensive convention site. Talking Points Memo's Joshua Micah Marshall writes how MSNBC's convention coverage site (here) has "absorbed the blogging model to something like a mind-bending degree." It's true - MSNBC has a blog, Hardblogger, (heh!) and Gothamist was shocked Chris Matthews' posts weren't in all caps or bold....an assistant must have posted 'em.

Other network coverage on the web: CNN Politics, ABC's Vote 2004, CBS News, and for some partisan news, Fox News. Check out the BBC's coverage of our elections, plus who can ignore the Daily Show (their site, not so extensive for Indecision 2004).