Disgraced Twitter user Anthony Weiner is getting some nice news: Even though he's only been running for mayor of Pittsburgh New York City for a week, he's now placing second in a Democratic poll, and appears to be gaining on frontrunner Christine Quinn.

According to a Marist College/WNBC poll, City Council Speaker Quinn has 24%, while Weiner has 19%. After that, Public Advocate Bill de Blasio has 12%, Bill Thompson has 11% and Comptroller John Liu is at 11% (Sal Albanese and Erik Salgado have 1% each; 23% of voters are undecided). Perhaps more interesting is that Democratic men prefer Weiner to Quinn.

Other Weiner news: He says he'll fight Governor Cuomo, he's looking for unpaid interns and he's loving being back in the spotlight! At an education forum that Quinn opted out of, Capital New York reports, "He stood up to answer questions while his opponents remained seated, wore a blue shirt with rolled-up sleeves while they all wore dark suit jackets and ties, and said he wouldn't provide special funding for arts instruction in public schools, while all his rivals said they would."