The debate with the Democratic mayoral hopfuls was broadcast yesterday, showing how very different their styles are. Basically, the young pups, Representative Anthony Weiner and City Council Speaker Gifford Miller, were more combustible; the NY Times noted that Weiner was the only candidate to stand when answering questions, and that Miller stood after realizing this. Manhattan Borough President C. Virginia Fields and former Bronx Borough President Fernando Ferrer stayed seated and were much calmer, perhaps trying to milk their status more as elder statespeople in NYC politics. Weiner was especially punchy, perhaps because he's trying to make more inroads in city politics, and called the others "stale", making Gothamist wonder if one of them would call him "moldy" or "past the due date." The lately beleaguered Ferrer made a rather valid point, at least in the context of the debate, saying, "If anybody wants another play out of the W.W.F. among the four candidates for mayor in the Democratic primary, I mean to disappoint you. Any one of these Democrats is a thousand times better than Mike Bloomberg." Clearly, Ferrer wants to win, but Gothamist thinks it's smart of Ferrer to point out that their goal should be to get a viable candidate on the ballot this November. But Gothamist still feels like September 13, the Democratic primary, is a long way off.

The NY Times also has a feature on former Mayor David Dinkins, and how he's suddenly the flavor of this election year, with Democrats and Mayor Bloomberg clamoring for his attention and endorsement.

A City Hall can be in the grasp of anyone who doesn't actually make it there come election time: The City Store has City Hall ornaments - just $25!