Yesterday, five of the seven Democrats running for Mayor met at the WABC 7 studios for a televised debate. And Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, Comptroller John Liu, City Council Speaker Christine Quinn, former Comptroller Bill Thompson and former Congressman Anthony Weiner went after each other (though they mostly went after Quinn). Here's a sampling:

De Blasio on Quinn: "Speaker Quinn has said repeatedly that she delivered... I want to be clear... she delivered for the big business community.... She delivered for real estate industry and we all know she delivered for Bloomberg by giving him a third term.”

Weiner on Quinn: "I apologized for my personal behavior. The speaker refuses to apologize for overturning the will of the people."

Quinn on Weiner: "Nobody on stage and nobody in New York should be lectured by Anthony Weiner about what we need to apologize for tonight."

Thompson on Quinn: "Speaker Quinn betrayed the people of the city New York and undermined democracy and that's a fact."

Quinn on Thompson: "Bill Thompson doesn't want us to remember that when he was comptroller our pension funds performed worse than similar pension funds across the country, in the bottom third."

John Liu on Thompson: "Now we have some Billy-come-lately's who now say they're against stop and frisk when in fact they continue to support the status quo, that there needs to be some stop and frisk."

Quinn on Weiner: "Anthony’s record in Congress was passing one piece of legislation at the request of a campaign contributor who was a tobacco distributor. That is not a record of results for middle-class New Yorkers."

Weiner on de Blasio and Quinn: "The only difference between Speaker Quinn and Bill de Blasio is Speaker Quinn has been more successfull. They made the same promises to the same people. She got elected speaker and he’s never gotten over it."

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