2006_02_pvcskeleton.jpgThe Brooklyn DA's office went on the offense after a grand jury indicted four men on 122 counts associated with running an illegal body parts snatching and selling scheme. The DAs assembled for a press conference where they showed X-rays of bodies where bones had been replaced by PVC piping, gloves and aprons, and we have to say, that is some crazy look stuff. Not only is it illegal to falsify records and plunder bodies without their families consent, a big issue is how the bodies weren't tested for various diseases or were falsified as being younger when their parts were cut and sent all over the place. The issues related to the health implications are much thornier and have some federal consequences as well. For instance, one woman's sister died of ovarian cancer, but her records were changed to say she died of "multiple blunt trauma" - not to mention the fact that she was never cremated, as her family had requested.

The Post has the detailed story of how a police detective worked the case (tip: Google can help fight crime, too!).