Air travel! It's an unending nightmare which manages to turn the incredible achievement of human flight into an experience to dread each time you embark on it. In the latest setback to the idea of ever getting on an airplane again, a passenger on a Delta plane found an air marshal's gun in the bathroom of a flight from England to New York. Oops!

CNN reports that a passenger onboard Flight 221 from Manchester to New York found the loaded gun in the plane's bathroom on April 6. Rather than keep it around as a self-defense measure in case of fisticuffs-throwing crew, the passenger gave the weapon to a member of the flight crew, who then returned it to the air marshal. No harm, no foul I guess.

Delta and TSA wouldn't talk about the incident with CNN, only telling the news organization that they were aware that yes, someone just casually left a loaded gun on an airplane. Current and former air marshals blamed the screw up on a culture that throws untrained agents into unsupervised situations they might not be prepared for.

"Air marshals work in punishing conditions, labor under poor leadership and have seen their law enforcement functions curtailed by an administration that lacks vision. The problem is not the air marshals, it's the TSA," John Casaretti, the president of the Air Marshal Association, told CNN.