For two days now, customers of Delta Airlines have been severely impacted by a power outage at the company's Atlanta HQ on Monday morning that initially cancelled 1,000 flights worldwide. Departures started again yesterday, but the airline still had to ground 800 flights as they reset everything from their computer systems to their staffing, operating in what Delta executive Dave Holtz called "recovery mode."

Recovery mode continues today, with the airline still not completely back to 100%. Delta had to cancel 278 more flights (although 1,950 had departed) according to a statement on their website.

In their statement on their website Delta said that their computer systems that allow for customer check-in and aircraft dispatch are back up and running, with the majority of the current delays and cancellations coming from "flight crews displaced or running up against their maximum allowed duty period following the outage." Delta also extended their travel waiver, offering refunds or to anyone whose flight was delayed or cancelled between August 8th and 10th. Anyone traveling on August 10th whose flight wasn't cancelled can also rebook that flight for no fee. Delta is also offering $200 in travel vouchers to anyone whose flight was delayed by at least three hours or cancelled due to the power outage.

The statement said the airline should be running at full capacity by this afternoon...which just so happens to be when a series of thunderstorms will hit the East Coast. Maybe they should try giving out goodie bags?