On Friday night, at the 7th Avenue and 51st Street intersection in Sunset Park, a Chinese restaurant deliveryman on a scooter collided head-on with an FDNY cruiser—a witness said Lin Chen, 36, was bleeding so much he looked dead (the photo is dramatic). Today, the Daily News reports that Chen remains in the ICU at Lutheran Medical Center. According to News and Post, FDNY EMS Deputy Chief Brian Milzoff will not be charged. Milzoff, whose lights and sirens were on (according to EMS sources that spoke to the News) had been responding to a call about a stabbing which later turned out to be false. The Post adds, "Witnesses wondered why Milzoff didn't get out to help the victim, but EMS sources said he was actually pinned in his car," and tests showed Milzoff was not drunk. Meanwhile, relatives are hoping the best for Lin, the married father of two young children; his nephew said, "Everyone feels bad, like sick. It's very hard."