A deliveryman got lost while attempting to deliver Chinese food in Tribeca this week and ended up getting arrested after he drove his motorized bike into oncoming traffic in the Holland Tunnel, according to police.

Authorities say Yongshun Bu, 44, was spotted entering the westbound lane of the Holland Tunnel heading towards New Jersey at around 7 p.m. on Thursday. He was allegedly weaving through cars and disrupting traffic, and failed to pull over when Port Authority workers instructed him to stop.

Port Authority workers told the Post that they were so concerned Bu would be injured, they had workers on the New Jersey side slow down traffic "to prevent him from being pancaked." Eventually, he was grabbed by a worker, and a Port Authority cop arrested him for criminal trespass.

It's unclear what restaurant Bu worked for, but motorized bikes are illegal in NYC—restaurants are subject to a $500 fine if their delivery workers are caught using them.