A deli worker has been arrested for allegedly trying to rape a woman in her Stuy-Town apartment. Police say that Bronx resident Luis Carpeno, 27, who works for deli Fraiche Maxx, was delivering food to the 26-year-old victim's apartment on E. 20th Street just after midnight on Nov. 1st when the incident happened.

Cops say Carpeno asked to use the victim's bathroom; after finishing, he grabbed the woman, threw her on the couch, and attempted to remove her clothes and kiss her. The woman fought him off, and he fled the scene. He was arrested about an hour later at Fraiche Maxx.

Carpeno has been charged with attempted rape and sex abuse. Fraiche Maxx manager Joel Kim told DNAInfo that Carpeno hadn't been fired yet: "We don't know what really happened," Kim said. "We have to talk to him first."