In a sad twist of fate in Long Island City yesterday, a man who was on his way to make a food delivery to police officers was struck and killed by a man who had just made an illicit purchase from cops and was driving wildly while trying to avoid their chase. 27-year old Pablo Pasaras was riding his bike on 35th Avenue en route to deliver food from the restaurant Antojitos Cibaeno to nearby housing officers when he was plowed into by the black Range Rover driven by Martin Ocasio. The 33-year-old Ocasio had just bought drugs from undercover officers and was racing away from an unmarked squad car giving chase when he slammed into Pasaras and a nearby parked car around 6:30 p.m. Ocasio has been arrested nine times previously, including several for drug charges. Pasaras, a father of three, was pronounced dead at Elmhurst Hospital. A family member called him "a very nice guy" and "a very good father."