2006_05_pizzad.jpgWow - a pizza delivery man beat up a man who tried to mug him during a delivery. And what's more, police believe the mugger is behind four other deliverymen robberies. The Post says that Celiviano DeJesus was delivering lasagna and a Sprite to a West 93rd Street apartment building, where Charles Jones met him in the lobby. Jones said his money was in his apartment, and DeJesus followed him to the elevator, only for Jones to hit DeJesus in the face with a metal rod and demand his money. DeJesus hit Jones, who then ran to Central Park with the deliveryman on his heels. When the cops got there, Jones was too "disfigured" to be put in a lineup for the other crimes, so he was just charged with last night's attempted robbery. We wonder if Jones may be wanted in connection with the series of robberies targeting deliverymen: The deliveryman goes to a building, only for the supposed customer to attack him, demand money and take their clothes.