A shifty Queens deli clerk attempted to cash in on an MTA retiree's big "Quick Pick" winnings last month by lying to him about his ticket's worth. However, his plan was foiled by an electronic scanner. Curse you, technology!

Milledge McCassell, 72, bought four "Quick Pick" tickets at Dynasty Deli in Queens, and went to the deli on August 26th to check if he had won. The words "Big Winner!" flashed across the electronic scanner, so he happily handed over his ticket to the deli clerk to see how much he had won. However, the clerk said he hadn't won anything, and refused to hand back the card. New York Lottery Director Gordon Medenica said the clerk even claimed he threw the ticket out.

McCassell, who had not signed the ticket, returned to the deli three times to try to collect his fortune. He then filed a complaint with the Lottery, who sent the State Police to the deli. As luck would have it, the clerk "miraculously found" the missing ticket as soon as they showed up! McCassell, who police believe to be the true owner after reviewing computer records, claimed his lump sum payment of $8.7 million, and Dynasty Deli's license to sell lottery tickets has been suspended. Dynasty Deli owner Taha Al Saidi said, "We're not cheats. It didn't happen the way they're saying it happened, but [the clerk] no longer works here."