An Amtrak cement train derailed in a tunnel leading to Penn Station last night, causing delays for trains between Manhattan and Albany as well as other stops north along the Empire line, an Amtrak spokesperson said Friday morning.

The cement train derailed in the tunnel at 11:16 p.m. Thursday, Amtrak spokesperson Jason Abrams said.

"The cause is still under investigation and Amtrak forces are working to rerail the equipment," Abrams said. "There are no injuries to report."

The "disabled track equipment" blocked the trains and spurred multiple delays for commuters, the train company said on Twitter about 6:30 a.m.

WNBC 4 reported more than 100 train passengers were delayed at the station.

Empire Trains 230 and 232 terminated at Yonkers, and Empire Train 233 will leave from Yonkers. Train passengers were expected to be accommodated on the Metro-North from Grand Central Terminal to Yonkers. Train 234 was canceled, and Trains 63 and 69 ran as one train to Albany.

Trains to and from Boston were not impacted.

The Empire Tunnel, which runs between upstate and Penn Station, is a part of Amtrak's infrastructure upgrades. In summer 2018, multiple trains were rerouted from Penn to Grand Central to replace tracks in the Empire Tunnel.

This winter, work at Penn Station was underway to upgrade tracks 11 and 14 as a part of a $7.6 million project. Abrams said the derailed work train was delivering concrete for that project, but was not doing work during the derailment.

This article has been updated with additional information from Amtrak.