After an annoying 2, 3 train signal issue at West 72nd Street on Tuesday (it's not so fun being stuck between 42nd and 72nd Street on a 2 train for 25 minutes!), folks who take the 2,3 uptown should know this: NYCT Subway Scoop Tweeted, "Due to NYPD investigation of a customer injury @ 110th St, 3 suspended; downtown 2 via 5 Mott Ave (149th St) to Nevins St (BK)," followed by "Due to NYPD investigation @ 110th St, Uptown 2 & 3 terminating 2 Times Sq & 96th St. Expect delays," and now "Update: injured customer @ 110th St removed by EMS/NYPD, regular 2 & 3 service restored w/residual delays."