Photograph of the World Trade Center site, taken by Joe Woolhead, courtesy of Silverstein Properties

The Port Authority is planning on giving Governor David Paterson a report explaining the status of projects at the World Trade Center site, and one sources says it's the "grim truth." According to the Post, "massive cost overruns and unrealistic construction timetables" will be outlined--here's how some projects are shaping up:

- 9/11 Memorial: "Scheduled for 2009, now 2011."
- 9/11 Museum: "Scheduled for 2009; may not be completed until 2013 or 2014."
- Towers 2, 3, 4: "Scheduled for 2012, pushed back 'months'" (which will probably turn into years.
- Freedom Tower: "Scheduled for 2011; possibly 2013."
- WTC Transit Hub: Though originally scheduled to be done, uh, last year, it "may not be built at all" (inflation has helped construction cost estimates rise by hundreds of millions, possibly by a billion).

Paterson's request for the Port Authority report comes as he gets entrenched in what his predecessors--Pataki and Spitzer--what left behind.