For the second week in a row, Jeremy Lin is on the cover of Sports Illustrated. Does this mean he's double-cursed, or does this cover negate the first jinx? It definitely means that it's been a slow sports week. At least Sports Illustrated had the good sense to avoid all desperate hashtag-related cover art this time.

Lin becomes only the third athlete to appear on multiple covers in consecutive weeks: Dallas Maverick power forward Dirk Nowitzki was on two covers last June when he led Dallas to the NBA title, and Michael Jordan was on three in a row in both 1991 and 1998. While last week's cover story dealt with his sudden rise from D-league afterthought to the Knicks starting point guard, this week's story focuses more on how Linsanity has gone global, and how he's become a "one-man economic stimulus."

Since his first cover, Lin has had quite a busy week, with everyone including President Obama, Sarah Palin, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Rev. Al Sharpton and Mark Zuckerberg becoming fans. He hit a thrilling game winning shot against the Toronto Raptors, found a place to sleep, inspired a Shake Shack drink, inspired a terrible David Brooks column, inspired MSG/Time Warner Cable to end their dispute, and led the Knicks to their best win of the season over the champion Dallas Mavericks.

Oh, and he also experienced his first two losses as a Knickerbocker (against two sub-.500 teams), and was in the middle of a racist headline maelstrom. Unless he starts dating a Kardashian, we have a hard time imagining what he could do to end up on the SI cover for a third week in a row.

Note from the editor: a poorly conceived reference to the "chink in the armor" ESPN incident was removed from the first paragraph. The author has been duly reprimanded.