The high ranking New York-based priest who was found guilty of sexually abusing a teenager by a church tribunal last year and defrocked is suing his accuser for defamation. Monsignor Charles Kavanagh, who formerly led St. Raymond's parish in the Bronx, and was the chief fund-raiser for the Archdiocese of New York, says that former seminary student Daniel Donohue repeatedly lied to reporters and changed his story around to extract a "monetary settlement from the New York Archdiocese."

In 2002, Donohue came forward after 30 years to accuse Kavanagh of abuse while he attended Cathedral Preparatory Seminary in Manhattan. Though Kavanagh wasn't charged with a crime by civil authorities, the tribunal is the highest legal body in the Church, which made his defrocking permanent. But Kavanagh claims that Donohue, who received a settlement from the NY Archidiocese, had minor inconsistencies in his story, and made false accusations "with malice": "Any reasonable person would consider a false accusation of such conduct against a holy priest to be outrageous and highly offensive."

Furthermore, Kavanagh also cited more than a half-dozen damning newspaper headlines, noting that he was "held up to ridicule and scorn...when he was labeled a 'Pervert Priest' in The Post." But doesn't Kavanagh know—anyone who appears in The Post, for any reason, is most likely going to be ridiculed and scorned?