It feels like it's been decades (it's been nearly a year!) since we covered Manspreading, once the scourge of the city in those halcyon days before the arrival of White House North. But lest you think the 'Spread died alongside Jeb Bush's dignity, note that it is in fact alive and well, and one NY Times reporter spotted the above flagrant violation on a Queens-bound E train this morning.

Susanne Craig told Gothamist she espied the unidentified Spreader on the E line at approximately 10:30 a.m. this morning, after boarding at the World Financial center. Initially, the Spreader—who was sitting across from her—had his knapsack on the seat next to him, marking not just one, but two subway etiquette violations.

The Spreader was initially free to spread at will, but his Good Times were ruined when a woman boarded around Spring Street and had the gall to sit next to him. When she asked him to move over, "He moved the backpack, but continued to manspread," Craig told Gothamist.

The manspreading victim managed to squeeze onto the seat, but Craig could tell she "was a bit miffed. She didn't say anything, but she was conscious that she was sitting next to him, but still didn't have enough room. She was touching the person next to her because he was still manspreading." Thankfully, the poor woman was relieved of her neighbspreading duties when the Spreader disembarked at 34th Street.

Craig showed a photo of the Spreader to her colleague, NYT transportation reporter Emma G. Fitzsimmons, who helpfully tweeted it out:

Craig, who broke some lesser news earlier this year, says she's never seen such an offensive manspread before. Indeed, it seems the Spreaders have joined the Twitter trolls and aspirant Nazis in feeling emboldened in Trump's America.