2008_10_alejc.jpgThe mother accused of murdering her 11-year-old daughter says the child died from a fall in the bathroom. Anthony Baratta, lawyer for Florencia Vazquez claims that his client's daughter Alejandra had been standing on the bathroom tub edge to hang a shower curtain when she fell on October 20. Baratta says Vazquez checked on the girl repeatedly throughout the week, even calling a doctor at one point, and called 911 this past Sunday when she began foaming at the mouth. However, prosecutors say that Vazquez confessed to fatally beating Alejandra on October 23 (after hours of police questioning) and leaving her body for days. Earlier reports said that 911 was called only when a man came to rent a room this past Sunday and saw the girl's body. The ME's office said that Alejandra had injuries all over body, calling her a victim of child abuse.