Yesterday a deer was spotted in the water off Governors Island. Apparently the young buck was fleeing New Jersey, according to the Daily News. The paper reports that he swam around 2,000 yards — first spotted roaming downtown Jersey City, and then on the rocks off of Governor's Island.

More video can be seen here and here. A self-proclaimed deer aficionado told the News: "Deer will swim to get away from danger, they'll swim to get to food." (They have migrated from NJ to Staten Island and maybe even Williamsburg.) He added that this buck looked tired and frightened.

Around 1:30 p.m. yesterday, a police boat spotted the deer, shot it with a tranquilizer and brought him to a nature preserve on Staten Island. However, an expert says that deer have a tendency to die after being tranquilized. Sigh. We'll update when there's more news of the deer's current status.