A popular deejay in Chelsea's gay nightclub scene has gone missing. Last seen on September 27th behind the decks at Splash Bar on West 17th Street, 53-year-old James Moyer (also known as DJ Jimmy) hasn't been seen, hasn't returned emails or phone calls, and hasn't been to his apartment for nearly two months.

One anonymous source tells the NY Post that he saw Moyer at Rawhide Bar on 8th Avenue the morning of October 3rd, where he was "pretty inebriated."

Moyer had been a computer programmer, and was breaking into the deejay scene — but reportedly he had fallen into debt recently, asking family for large loans and racking up $100K in cash advances on credit cards.

His Rutherford, New Jersey apartment was reportedly left spotless, with no signs that he was preparing to leave for a long period of time. An ex-boyfriend says, "Was it of his own volition? Was there foul play involved? We don't know."