So despite Bloomberg's attempts to distance himself from last week's hot topic, congestion pricing, the issue still reared its head at a Thursday "meeting of leaders of the city's business improvement districts."

The meeting, held in a Times Square theater, covered all sorts of possibilities for decongesting the city from bicycle lanes, pedestrian walkways (which are different from sidewalks?) and the suddenly popular congestion pricing (in which it costs cold hard cash to drive in the city at certain times). Beyond just going over the possibilities for crowd and car reduction no decisions were come to at the meeting, just lots of talking. But the story still caught our eye for two reasons: 1) the Times introduced and now seems pretty intent on pushing congestion pricing onto the public, this is their third story on the topic in a week, anyone know what's up with that? 2) For no particular reason we thought the idea of all of the leaders of the city's business improvement districts being in one rooms was funny. We realize that it in no way is funny, and yet still, we laughed.