A "heavily decomposed" body was found in a Brooklyn Heights apartment building earlier this week.

The NYPD said that on May 15th, around 9:50 a.m., officers responded to a 911 call about an unconscious male in the basement of 25 Joralemon Street, which used to be an old water pumping station. The person was declared dead at the scene by EMS—the body was reportedly so decomposed it could not be identified.

The Brooklyn Paper reports that the body "floated into [the] building’s basement water catchment area... through a large pipe that connects the East River to the building at the corner of Furman Street. The building is a 1902 water pumping station, but has since been turned into an upscale residential building known as Pumphouse Mews."

Apparently, a resident called the police about a "foul order," according to the Brooklyn Paper.

The catchment area also appears to run under the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway; a pool from the pump house was seen during a tour of the facility last year.