Devil Tattoo DecapitationThe Post, The Daily News, and the New York Times chalk it up to bad luck, but we see a hint of something darker in the tragic story of Juaquin Leger. The 28-year old aspiring rapper was getting inked at an illegal tattoo parlor on Graham Avenue in Williamsburg. For his 8th tattoo, he had originally planned to get an image made of his kid, but finding himself short on money, he picked a drawing of the devil entitled "Last Rites" from the internet. Minutes after getting the outline inked, he became dizzy, passed out, and was nearly decapitated when he fell through a plate glass display case in the studio.

While the superstitious among us might see Satan's handiwork in the story, the real evil here is actually the shoddy state of New York City's public healthcare system. The Daily News reports that Mr. Leger apparently had a long history of fainting spells, but could not afford to see a doctor to get the treatment he needed.

The papers were fairly restrained about their coverage of the incident-- certainly we expected something more shocking from the headline writers at the Post and Daily News:

Dizzy While Getting Tattoo, Man Crashes Into Glass Case and Dies

Last Rites: Man Dies After Getting Devil Tattoo
Marked for Death: Eerie Inking Foretold Fate